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Your car could last a lifetime with proper care. Whether or not you keep a car for a lifetime is another story. Unlike vehicles of yesteryear many of today’s cars are almost disposable. Most of the recommended service schedules do not pass the 150,000 mile / 120 month mark. You could assume at that point you start over on the schedule; however there are usually cosmetic issues and interior wear that may deter an individual from continuing to maintain a vehicle. When the maintenance stops and the vehicle heads into decline it is costly to bring it back. The consideration for replacement comes when the value of the vehicle is far less than the cost of repairs necessary to make the vehicle safe and reliable. Here at the Great Potential Auto Center we believe in the quality of the work completed at least in part relies on the quality of the parts that go into the job. Using cut rate parts which may not meet manufacturer specifications is a recipe for repeat repairs, upsets, and general dissatisfaction for all parties involved. Just as important to a successful repair is a correct initial diagnosis of the concern, and proper repair procedures to complete the job. We will walk you through the vehicle valuation, estimating process, and the likelihood of long term success of any renovation project a customer may be entertaining. It may be daunting to consider a month on month project to renovate a vehicle which has fallen into disrepair due to age or neglect, but we can walk you through the process and keep your vehicle on the road.

Much like a car the human body can fall into disrepair. Old injuries can haunt us as we age. Chronic pain can lead to lower activity levels leading to weight gain. Weight gain can trigger other health problems and leads to a declining spiral. We have partnered with the Healthy Back Institute for education and healing aids to ease the pain, and BioTrust for the highest quality weight loss supplements and general nutrition aids. By treating chronic pain it is easier to become active again. Combining a more active lifestyle with supplements that support healthy internal functions leads to a better disposition. Generally speaking if you are happy and healthy then you are more productive. At any age we can enjoy life more when there is less pain. A great way to start is with the “7 day guide to lose the back pain.”

It is a free guide to get you started on the road to a less painful existence. A jump start on weight loss is to get your intestinal track flora in balance. BioTrust has a free report that will show you the top "10 Gut Cleaning Foods."