Performance Upgrades

Miami, FL

High performance as it relates to automobiles is usually associated with how quickly a vehicle can get from point A to point B, and how quickly it can stop at that point. There are other measures of performance as well; such as how bright a vehicle’s lighting shines, how loud and clear does the entertainment system sound, how well does the vehicle handle in turns, or how well does it hook at launch.

Suspension upgrades help with not just stance for looks but also how a car handles in turns. Polyurethane bushings can replace worn out rubber bushings in suspension components and provide a much tighter feel to a vehicle’s handling characteristics. Cold air intakes, turbochargers, intercoolers, external blow-off valves, nitrous oxide kits, exhaust headers, wide band O2 sensors, and specialized tuning software all add to the vehicle’s top speed and launch. Drilled and slotted rotors help dissipate heat and high performance brake pads add braking performance.

Everything on a car wears over time and miles; you can look at these worn items as opportunities to upgrade the performance characteristics of your vehicle. Sometimes even a new car needs a change of spring rate or exhaust to meet the customer’s expectations. Whatever your idea of performance, we believe in the Great Potential of your vehicle.